pelvic heart integration in london

von bernhard schlage

living the mystery of the masculine and the feminine

We often resign ourselves to repeating cycles of being attracted to and then rejected by the opposite sex. This pattem of finding short-lived happiness and joy often leads to plunging back into unforeseen frustration and heartbreak. We can become intrigued and overwhelmed by the mystery of the opposite sex. Yet, when we really feel both the masculine and femi nine already inside of us and allow these parts to interact, we can find our way to sustainable excitement, deep love and even ecstasy. We can experience the union of mascul ine and feminine and the innate satisfaction that arises from this.

In this three-and-a-half day workshop we will discover how our characteristic breath ing patterns, thoughts, emotions, and body armour block the free flow of our life force and inhibit our capacity for sensual pleasure and orgasmic release. We use breath, movement, mindful touch, Psychodrama, imagery, role plays and exchanges in the group as our means of exploration of our masculine and feminine, and our pelvic and heart energies. We will discover our inner triangle (father, mother, child) that becomes a template for our relationships and work together to create a healthier template for the future. Pelvic-Heart Integration is helpful and supportive in creating a new wave of consciousness in all of us.

The formal of this workshop makes it suitable for those new to this work as weil as suitable for those with experience You will have the opportunity to explore the topic in dyads, small groups and within the !arger group. Space will be made for individuals to work within the group setting or privately on the Monday following the workshop.

further information: -> pdf masculine-and-feminine.pdf