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articles in english

most of my articles are published in german. the following articles were translated and published in english and other foreign languages:

3 case studys about body psychotherapy

bernhard schlage (2018), 3 case studys about body psychotherapy; in: courtney young (editor); the body psychotherapy case studys; Body Psychotherapy Publications, 60 Earlston Road, Stow, Scottish Borders, Scotland UK, TD1 2QT pp. 89 - 114

touch and affectregulation

Skills and tools for body oriented psychotherapy in trauma therapeutic context, particularly in relation to methods of postural integration: On the basis of new neuro physiological research this article explores how touch influences different areas of our brain via nerve receptors, and how different techniques of touch support a client’s need for affect regulation.

about a good end

eine überarbeitete version des artikels: 'vom guten ende' - über die abschlussphase von körperpsychotherapien und warum diese in der literatur sowenig erwähnung findet; englischsprachige ausgabe des IBPJ, Volume 16, Number 1, Spring 2017 pp 16 - 27.

the pleasure of touch

a suggested correlation between the change of the surface of cell membranes and the effectiveness of bodywork methods.

republication of the article "pleasure of touching" in 2016 IASI Yearbook of Structural Integration, Seattle WA, pp.99-106

body image disorders: a unique field of body psychotherapy

body image disorders

eine überarbeitete version des artikels über körperbildstörungen erscheint in englisch im 'international magazin für bodypsychotherapy', fall 2013; VOL.12, nr.2; pp.39-49

anthology about jack painter and bodymind integration

cover of the book about jack painter and his work: Transformation of the Self with Bodymind Integration. postural Integration, energetic integration, psychotherapeutic postural integration.

in their anthology the editors rita erken and bernhard schlage compiled articles about jack painter and his work: die book "transformation of the self with bodymind integration" covers all aspects of bodyorientated psychotherapy from postural integration, energetic integration and psychotherapeutic postural integration.

authours are: raffaele cascone (I), anton adam eckert (D), rita erken (D), dirk marivoet (B), niall o’siochain (IRL / D), carmine piroli (I), bernhard schlage (D), günter schwiefert (AU), rosa maría sevilla padrón (MEX), massimo soldati (I), claude vaux (F), beverly wilkinson (ZA) and silke ziehl (GB / D). of course this compilation includes several original articles by the founder of posturalen integration, jack painter.

the book can be orderd at the edior's office for 25 euro plus shipping. contact:

the following preview contains the full editorial, table of contents, introductions to all authors and the full index:

the pleasure of touching

regulation within the cell - a deeper understanding for methods in bodypsychotherapy

about the deeper knowledge and understanding of the basic structure of fascia and the consequentially implications for the appropriate handling and methods used in bodypsychotherapy. (= translation of the german article "die Lust an der Berührung" published in spring 2012). 

report of the World Congress of Psychotherapy

sydney, australien - panorama darling harbour

publication of a report about the World Congress of Psychotherapy in sydney, australia which was held in august 2011; published on the website of the European Association for Body Psychotherapy (EABP),

dreaming pathways in psychotherapy

dreaming pathways in psychotherapy, world dreaming sydney, 24 - 28 august 2011

how to use shamanic dreamwork as an approach to resources of our clients’ soul, - world dreaming sydney, 24 - 28 august 2011
(powerpoint-file with animation / pdf file without animation)

life in the dream logde

shamanic dream work between wish fulfillment and espionage

shamanic dream work between wish fulfillment and espionage
with a foreword by carlo zumstein

this self-publication can be ordered at the author's office (
for 12,75 euro plus shipping

body image disorders

illustration of body image disorders, german: körperbildstörungen

a unique field of bodypsychotherapy
about the importance of a range of phenomena for the bodypsychotherapeutic practice

touch is one of the most forgotten languages

article about a workshop 'scientific basics on the effects of bodypsychotherapy', which was given in 1994 in villerexel/ france; published at EABP-membersletter spring 2006

contact is the rebellious factor in bodypsychotherapy

article about the handling of transference in bodypsychotherapy from a workshop, wich was given at EABP-congress 'the art of realting' in the Netherlands in 2001

the relief of painful symptoms is in the pain itself

long version of a study about the relief of painful symptoms during bodypsychotherapy, wich was first published in body mind world bulletin in 1998 and was read the proofs for workshop 'the pain brain' at paris-congress 2008.
also available: a short version / abstract