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I come from a family where the traditional occupations are in carpentry and in the field of healing arts. Our family was burdened by the experience of World War II and the calamity of my mother’s mental illness. I got involved in the direct democratic, pacifist grassroot movement in the late seventies focusing on taking on social responsibility (

Taking over responsibility eventually developed into being responsible in increasingly more realms of society, up to founding and supporting autonomous residential communities and the development of parallel economic structures (


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turning point

Shaken by the realization that these new social networks are also permeated by traditional patriarchal behaviours and after an enlightenment experience, I completely turned toward the support of individuals while using methods of humanistic psychology. I acquired the following qualifications: studying counseling according to Harvey Jackins, as a group trainer with Fritz Karas, Touch for Health and Craniosacral Therapy as well as taking advanced trainings with Robert Schleip at the Rolfing Institute, Feldenkreis (among others with Amos Hetz) and NLP.

I took my training in classical bodypsychotherapy in Postural Integration with Jack Painter. currently i give supervisions, trainings and advanced trainings in this method. I am a healing practitioner for psychosomatics and psychotherapy. I acquired clinical experience in the
field of forensics and also in addiction therapy. I am a member of the European Association for Body Psychotherapy (EABP) and I am a certified psychotherapist according to the eurocode (ECP-holder).

Later, I studied the shamanistic healing methods of indigenouspeoples and recognized that I had realized my professional vision after extensive traveling and getting to know these methods on site.


My commitment continued to develop and is now directed at qualifying committed people looking for a profession in the field of health care, while also taking care of my professional succession. In doing so, I am taking the step from social engagement to preserving and handing on the knowledge and experience that I have acquired. I see this „applied seniority“ as a contribution to balancing my life’s work.

My self conception as a bodypsychotherapist in the field of health care is expressed in the practical references which are regulating our cooperation. Some of my offers are created in cooperation with experienced colleagues presented on the page ‘guest trainers’ (in german language).

trainer's profile (german)

Please find my trainer’s profile on a separate page (in german).

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