life in the dream lodge

1. juli 2011

untertitel: shamanic dream work between wish fulfillment and espionage; englische übersetzung meines buches über schamanische traumarbeit mit einem vorwort von carlo zumstein, dem begründer der TAOB-foundation, schweiz.

* foreword: carlo zumstein about «dreamlodge» (pdf)

herausgeber/autor: ‎ bernhard schlage
sprache: englisch
taschenbuch, broschiert: ‎ 87 seiten
isbn-10: 3000352791
isbn-13: ‎ 978-3000352799

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« Two motives are running through Bernhard Schlage’s book “Life in the  Dream Lodge”: the dream lodge, of course, and the wheel of directions.  The order of chapters follows the eight directions of the native  American medicine wheel.  The dream lodge, that is the inner space of  dreaming where he meets his grandfathers and dream elders. And at the  same time it is the place in everyday reality where darkroom retreats  and the research of Bernhard’s dream groups take place. The dream lodge  is a treasure house of healing rituals filled with the power and wisdom  of dreams and dreaming.And, it is the space where Bernhard’s book  leads us:  into our own inner space of dreaming. He wants to give us the  chance to realize: there is someone living within each of us willing to  offer us orientation, aid and challenge, and who allows us to open a  door to something “completely unknown”.We met in the Black Forest in  2004. For some years now, I have offered seminars, “Dream Paths”, for  the shamanic-spiritual exploration of dreaming.  Bernhard attended four  of these.  Since then, both of us have continued our explorations in our  own individual way. Once in a while I hear from participants of his  dream groups visiting one of my seminars how much they gain by his work  in the dream lodge for their growth and healing. Especially in the  darkroom retreats lasting several days they find their inner light,  basic trust and creativity as well as access to the secrets of the soul.Bernhard’s  path as a dreamer grows from his own dreaming. In this way, he finds  healing for himself. And therefore he can give to us so many creative  hints for taking our dreaming and our dreams as helpers to cope with  everyday life. From a spiritual perspective one could say: the wisdom of  dreaming and wise beings appearing in dreams and even the dreamers of  other spheres did send Bernhard to us as a messenger of a new way of  dreaming:  experimental dreaming.Dreaming to him is but one form of  our variedly malleable consciousness and has itself many different  appearances. He liberates us from the polarity of waking/dreaming.  Dreaming to him ranges from simple, everyday dreaming in sleep, day  dreaming, self- or outside-induced trance to shamanic drumming and lucid  dreaming. Accordingly wide is the spectrum of traditions of dreaming  mentioned in his book: it reaches from the Egyptian and Greek dreaming  traditions to those of the Tibetans, from the shamans up to our  psychology dominated understanding of dream.In the dream lodge too,  dreams are noted down and interpreted. Yet, unlike with traditional  dream interpretation, these interpretations are not pressed upon the  dreamer in form of a narrow diagnosis of a neglected inner life.  Bernhard feels himself committed to taking the dream wisdom as a support  to cope with everyday life. Hence it is the experience of everyday life  of every single human being that provides the ground for the meaning of  his dream symbols.But life in the dream lodge offers a much greater  variety than just dream interpretation. Here one learns to bring  interrupted dreams to a good end or to dream up dream experiences as a  group. There is dreambodywork, and, in the dream canoe, healing dream  powers are found by several dreamers together.Since our waking life  influences our dream life and vice versa, we learn, before going to  sleep, to dispose of the luggage filled with unfinished daily business  by the so-called recapitulation and by taking our dreaming soul on a  journey into the dream worlds.And since each dream creates a reality  and a dream body, Bernhard’s broad understanding of dreaming allows us  admission into many different spaces of reality: experiencing the waking  world in the dream body, delving into the depths of our own unconscious  inner space, encountering extraterrestrial worlds with beings who spy  in our dreams. With all this, Bernhard always remains with both feet  firmly on the ground.Bernhard is a creative explorer of dreams with a  clear focus: dreaming is supposed to help us handle the challenges of  our waking life. He calls the waking reality consistently consensus  reality, because in the end it also is a dream: a common dream of many  generations that we keep on dreaming.Bernhard’s book brings to my  mind the memory of the most favored toy of my childhood: a kaleidoscope  filled with colored glass fragments. I spent hours slowly turning the  kaleidoscope until a soft noise told me that one of the fragments had  slipped into a new position and suddenly a completely new mandala of  colors appeared magically before my eyes, of greater beauty than the  round glass windows in cathedrals. The strict order of the concentric  beams and the ever new color universe of inexhaustible variety let me  have a glimpse of the mysterious order of the dream worlds that wait to  be discovered. Bernhard’s book opens them to us, opens up many creative  ways to cultivate our own abilities of dreaming and to make use of  dreaming for our own healing and our own growth.Switzerland, December 18, 2010Dr. phil. Carlo ZumsteinFounder and head of the TAOB -foundation. »


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